• TL866II PLUS Universal Programmer for car ECU with 28 adapters

TL866II PLUS Universal Programmer for car ECU with 28 adapters

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Minipro TL866II plus multifunctional BIOS programmer, USB Interface High-Speed programmer, super true USB Willem and pcb5.0 support dip32.plcc32, sop8, SOP16, TSOP and other encapsulated BIOS chips, with powerful functions and stable performance, and support the continuous updating of chips.


1. Support one computer with 4 programmers to burn at the same time.

2. Small volume, high density, low power consumption and high performance, a real and non heating comprehensive programmer.

3. All chips do not need external power supply, and their low power consumption ensures that the USB port can provide sufficient power.

4. Internal 40 pin overvoltage protection, VPP and VCC four-level overcurrent protection. Make sure that the short circuit will not reset the PC or programmer.

5. A wide range of chip 15000 + supports high-capacity flash of serial series and parallel series 40 / 44 / 48pin.

6. The unique serial programming ICSP interface supports serial download and high-speed parallel high-voltage programming. Note: tl866cs does not support ICSP interface programming.

7. Truly testable 74 / 54 CMOS 4000 series integrated circuits. Gate circuit error can be located.

8. The function of chip serial number is the most complete and practical.

9. Support the encryption mass production operation of AVR MCU with internal RC correction byte calibration. So that the brute force cracked software can not run directly on another chip of the same model.

10. Automatically detect poor contact or wrong insertion of chip pins to avoid damaging devices.

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