• Intelligent Power Supply UD-12V2700 for Automotive Programming
  • Intelligent Power Supply UD-12V2700 for Automotive Programming
  • Intelligent Power Supply UD-12V2700 for Automotive Programming

Intelligent Power Supply UD-12V2700 for Automotive Programming

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Intelligent Power Supply UD-12V2700 for Automotive Programming 

Why you choose UD-12V2700 Intelligent Power Supply for Programming? 

1. It can automatically detect and fix according to the health status of the battery.
2. It can charge the battery inside and outside the car, as well as battery repairing.
3. It can repair many kinds of batteries, such as ordinary lead-acid batteries, AGM, GEL, VRLA, and others when charging.
4. Many working modes: Automatic Detection Mode, Charging Mode, Exhibit mode, Programming Mode, Battery Repairing Mode.
5. You can set constant current charging.

1. Intelligent programming charging power supply for energy-saving and environment-friendly, yellow-green-screen backlit digital LCD display, is the latest one with automatic detection, automatic charging, automatic maintenance and smart programming as well as other advanced new charger.
2. Multiple protection and self protection. Power off alarm, heat alarm, overload, overheating, overcharging, short circuit, reverse polarity protection function.
3. Auto battery repairing functions, can detect different types of battery charging rehabilitation, apply to automobile service stations, 4S shop and maintenance workshop of advanced charging equipment.
4. Can be used for static state of the vehicle maintenance, testing and electric control system used during programming set code. Preventing them from car damage and data loss during programming or other tests because of the low power.
5. No spark, applies to all special charging curve of battery technology, in full compliance with vehicle electronic systems and air bag requirements.
Please read this manual carefully before using the product.
Combustible gas will be produced when charging, fire is strictly prohibited at the operating site.
Be careful of the corrosion when it is rainy, snowy or wet. Positive and negative of charge clip cannot be reversed.
Vibration and impact should be avoided, do not charge the frozen battery.

You must use the standard fuse.
Keep the charger clean and check the initial voltage before using it.
Battery charge rules:
Current charging depends on the charge value from the rechargeable battery.
Charging Time:
Depends on the battery type, typically calculated according to the following formula:
Ah/=< battery charging current charging time >
In addition, since the continuation of the charging time, the charging current decreases, 
so the entire charging process than the numerical extension of the formula 1/4.
This Intelligent Power Supply can charge one or more batteries meantime, but the charging time will be extended accordingly.
When charging the vehicle battery, remove the original battery clamps.
Steps to use this Intelligent Power supply Charger:
1、Connect the battery and charger.
2、Choose the right mode according the actual situation of the battery and the table below, noted, if the mode outside vehicle is chosen, make sure the
      battery is out of  the car. After finishing this step, press start and the consequential charging will be active.
3、If you connect the battery correctly and it shows poor contact, just press the right button and handle according the tips,
        enable the Mode Enforce Charging.
4、In the programming mode, the voltage cannot be adjusted in Mode 2, and it can be adjusted in Mode 1.
      Press the Right and Down Button at the same time and you can adjust the voltage using the Up and Down Button after hearing “Beep”
      Then press Right and Down Button again to exit the adjust mode. Press start to begin charging.

New Intelligent Programming Charge Power Supply UD-12V2700


Input  VoltageV220-240V
Input PowerW1600W
Charging Voltagev12
Programming modePG VA2~30V/2~150A

New Intelligent Programming Charge Power Supply UD-12V2700
1. Right / Left 
2. Up / Down 
3. Switch 
4. Monitor 
5. Over Charge Protection   
6. Over Heat Protection
7. Low Voltage Protection
8. Short Circuit Protection
9. Revert Polarity Protection

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Package List:

1pc x  Intelligent Programming Charge Power Supply UD-12V2700 

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